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Ár Seirbhísí

Our team delivers a 1 or 2-day retirement planning workshop for you & your co-workers either at your location or offsite in Dublin & regional centers nationwide.

Topics we cover:

Healthy Living
Time Management
Financial Issues
Personal Checklist

Basic Questions

My Identity

Who am I now as I see myself and who am I now as I think others perceive me?


When my income falls, how will I maintain a reasonable standard of living?


How will my relationships change at home and also as regards my former work colleagues?


How will I keep myself physically fit and mentally alert?

Time & Srtucture

How will I organise my time and what new interests must I devise for myself in retirement?

Lifestyle Changes in Retirement

Retirees need an understanding of the interrelated areas of life that will change in retirement. These are:

  • Identity
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Time and Structure

These changes are explored in presentations and in interactive workshops.

Entitlements in Retirement

A large percentage of retirees have little knowledge of what they may be entitled to as regards State Pensions; Jobseekers; and other benefits which may accrue to them after a lifetime of paying taxes and PRSI. Our courses provide an intense session on these matters

The session on Social Protection provides an overview of the main Benefits to which attendees may be entitled. Attendees are shown how to access their PRSI Record of contributions and how to calculate their entitlement to the State Pension; to Jobseekers Benefit; to Household Benefits.

Attendees are made aware of the difference between Social Welfare Benefits which are entitlements regardless of income and Social Welfare Allowances which are subject to a means test.

Retirement Life also prides itself on providing post-course advice on these issues.

Managing our Finances in Retirement

Most retirees can look forward to an occupational pension which generally brings with it the prospect of a tax- free lump sum. It is important that attendees are allowed to address the issue of financial management and be presented with a framework for investment choices, including an introduction to rates of returns and the risk factors associated with various types of investments. Advice is always of an independent non-sales nature, dealing with the economic climate in which participants will make future decisions.

Employees must now also deal with their own tax affairs so we need to have an overview of how the tax system works and be conscious of the changing thresholds for various taxes including inheritance taxes.

Time Management in Retirement

Having discussed hobbies and interests outside of work life, courses finish on this very important matter of having a sense of structure in our retirement life.

The aim is to ensure that attendees are now able to set their own objectives for their life in retirement by having a Retirement Plan.

Attendees are provided with the methodology to formulate their own retirement plan through the introduction of four main elements that will drive the planning process. We do so in the context of where we have come from through the successes and challenges of earlier life and we explore how we can best use these experiences as ‘drivers’ for our new life in retirement.

Personal Checklists

This aspect of our course deals with four specific matters which many retirees tend to neglect as follows:

  • The significance of making or amending our Wills and the consequences for failure to do so
  • Consideration of putting an Enduring Power of Attorney in place in a modern age when we are living longer and the incidences of dementia and Alzheimer’s are becoming more prevalent
  • Our Accommodation and the need to snag list our home for future comfort
  • The use of Information Technology in retirement life.
  • All of the above matters appear obvious but statistics reveal that too often they do not get due attention from retirees.