Working Beyond Retirement


Discover further opportunities post-retirement

While the debate about retirement age continues the fact is that more and more people are retiring younger or, thanks to increased life expectancy are still well capable of working beyond what is the generally accepted retirement age in Ireland at this time. For these people retirement is an opportunity to evaluate life and the place that further work, either paid or unpaid, will play in it. This means that many people facing either voluntary or compulsory retirement are seeking new opportunities to find a path of self-fulfilment through another occupation in either the voluntary or paid sectors. In the case of voluntary sector involvement, this is well catered for in our regular retirement courses.

For those seeking to continue in a paid occupation, some may have the opportunity to continue to be engaged in their current employment. More generally, however, the majority are not provided with this opportunity and are therefore seeking to explore new ways of getting back into the jobs market.

If the job you are about to leave was simply a job and something that paid the bills, it may be time to take stock of yourself and to work on the appropriate life balance that would suit you. There may be need for re-training or further education to gain access to meaningful work or the development of a new skill set. Arising out of that you will have a totally new lifestyle with good work-life balance.

To help you do this we can offer you the choice of workshops or individual coaching with professionals who have been involved in career and life planning for the last 20 years.

If you are approaching retirement and considering how to Work Beyond Retirement, we can help you identify your transferable skills and expertise that will be your passport to a fulfilling future after your retirement.

Our one-day Working Beyond Retirement Courses will take you through the major elements that you may have to balance and are those of:

Our professional life coaches, John Higgins and colleague Bill Mc Kendry will bring you on an experiential journey which will help you discover further work opportunities that in this case are of your own particular choosing. Previously you may have opted for the previous career path which you “took” rather than which you “chose”. This is now the enchanting opportunity of a new career which will be of your own choosing. To discover new work that you really want and will enjoy, it is important that you embark on an initial journey of self-awareness and allow yourself time to discover a little more about who you really are at this important stage in life’s journey.

Our Working Beyond Retirement Course will take you on a workshop along a well-planned route of discovery by introducing you to the following one or more options in our programme menu:

  1. Realisation of my Successes in Life on which my current skill base is founded
  2. Discovery of my Key Drivers which have been with me throughout my working life
  3. Learning more about good Work-Life Balance
  4. Ensuring that my new job leads me along the path of A Healthy Lifestyle
  5. Discovery of My Personal Wheel of Life
  6. New methodologies for constructing an effective Current CV
  7. Introduction to successful Job Interview Techniques.
  8. Introduction to a sense of realism as regards our Personal Finances.

This methodology has been tried and tested by our facilitators and our chief facilitator Brian McIvor has provided this and other life-changing methodologies with clients over the past 20 years – visit for more.

While the above menu of options is available we will work with you on a pre-course discussion to discover your own personal needs and your current situation, after which we will agree on the requirements to ensure that you get the best results from our Working Beyond Retirement Workshop.